Does your child have difficulty writing his letters?  Does he reverse his letters or numbers?  How is the spacing between letters within words and between words? As a handwriting specialist certified by Handwriting Without Tears, I can help your child with the skills needed to succeed.  These include memory, orientation, placement, start, size, sequencing, spacing and control.  All this, plus I can help make handwriting FUN!

Laura Kuhn
About Me:
I'm a graduate of Virginia Tech with concentrations in English, psychology and the fine arts. I was introduced to the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum four years ago by my son's occupational therapist. After seeing the success my own children had with the multi-sensory approach of HWT, I decided to get certified. I was recently a preschool teacher's assistant and continue to work with young children and beginning writers. As a parent, I know the difficulty of seeing a child struggle. Seeing the pride on a child's face when he/she succeeds is my goal. I feel achieving this goal is the ultimate reward for children and parents. I am certified in the HWT PreK-5th grade curriculum and provide a fun learning environment for all ages.
To give children the tools they need to be successful in forming their letters and numbers, by offering a multi-sensory approach that makes learning handwriting enjoyable.
My Mission
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